HOWTO: Use Straight Talk’s $45 Unlimited Prepaid Service with Your iPhone

Wish you could ditch the postpaid service plan and use a prepaid plan with your iPhone? You now can. It’s completely legit, it doesn’t require jailbreaking, and you’re going to be using the same exact AT&T service as everyone else. Just buy a SIM from Straight Talk, and start using their popular $45 unlimited talk, text and data plan with your AT&T (or unlocked) iPhone.

Part 1: Ordering the SIM and Service

Go to

Click Buy Now

Select AT&T Compatible Phone
If you have an iPhone 3 or 3G, select Straight Talk SIM Card
If you have an iPhone 4 or 4S, select Straight Talk Micro SIM Card

Enter your ZIP code

Click Continue

Read the fine print and select Continue

Verify the type of SIM is correct (either AT&T SIM or AT&T Micro SIM)
Click Select SIM Card

Under the SIM and service bundle option, click Add To Cart
NOTE: At this time, you must purchase the bundle. You cannot purchase the SIM without the required service plan, because you need this service to activate the SIM. 

Verify the contents of your shopping cart and click Proceed To Checkout

Select the FedEx 3 Day shipping method
NOTE: As of this writing, Straight Talk is offering a free shipping promotion on all SIM purchases. The discount will appear at checkout.

Enter your shipping and payment information and click Next Step

Review your order details and click Submit Order

Part 2: Activating Your Service

When your SIM arrives, follow the included instructions and go to the activation website:

NOTE: here is where you must choose to either get a new number or transfer an existing number (you cannot change your mind later)
NOTE: when the website says “Activating your phone”, they also mean “Activating your SIM”
NOTE: when asked for your phone’s serial number, use the one printed on the red activation card — not your iPhone’s serial number

When your online activation is complete, insert the SIM card into your phone

When you see that cellular service is active, try making a phone call or sending a text message

To enable data on your phone automatically, open and activate this configuration file:

Alternatively, if you don’t have a WiFi data connection, you can enable data on your iPhone manually under Settings > General > Network > Cellular Data Network

For the APN, enter: att.mvno

If you have any issues accessing data after importing the mobileconfig or updating the APN, reboot your phone.

If you continue to have issues, review the detailed information on this wiki.


Q. I originally signed up with a new number, but now I want to transfer/port my existing number. Is it still possible?

A. You must Straight Talk customer service (877-430-2355) and explain the situation. They will most likely have to send you a new SIM card, and you will have to repeat the activation procedure.

Q. Is data truly unlimited under the $45 prepaid “unlimited” plan?

A. No. If you use a lot of data (>2GB) per month, you may get a notice from Straight Talk. If you continue use an excessive amount of data, they may terminate your service. FWIW, I use my phone a lot, and I have never run into an issue.

Q. How do I get MMS to work with Straight Talk on my iPhone?

A. Because you cannot modify these settings easily from the default Settings application, you will need to jailbreak your phone or use other roundabout procedures to get MMS to work. For more details, see the wiki. Or just use email and iMessage, like I do.

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146 thoughts on “HOWTO: Use Straight Talk’s $45 Unlimited Prepaid Service with Your iPhone

  1. I “think” that because you’re on ST’s SIM right now vs. AT&T, you will need to set up your voicemail through your ST number. Unfortunately I forget the exact routine right now but if I did it, I know you can figure it out. I’m able to get my VM’s notices like you’re describing.

    • just use google voice for vm. it’s free and it transcribes your voicemails to text for free.

  2. Ok, I put a ST sim in my iphone but am not able to send or receive picture messages. What do I need to do?

  3. Wait yall really have The Iphone and are useing St just by that sims card? Does it really work

  4. if i use an iphone 3g do i get at&t compatible sim card? or unlocked phone sim card?

  5. I have a question, On the instructions it says to choose the “at&t micro sim card” however on the straight talk website there is also the option to choose an “Unlocked phone micro sim card” I have a Factory unlocked Iphone 4s so which one should i choose, the at&t or the unlocked sim card? I called straight talk and they said to choose the unlocked sim card but on the instructions here it says to choose the at&t sim card.. Any help would be greatly appreciated! thanks

  6. – Can I Buy An Iphone Then Turn It On With Staight Talk An Switch My Number Over?

  7. I tried this but when the sim card is in my i phone it won’t even let me into my options it goes to a lock screen wit a I pod charge cord and an iTunes symbol then if I slide the screen lock over It goes to emergency call only I can’t access anything else until I take out my sim card plz help any ideas

  8. i have an iphone 3g, got the st sim card talk and text right away, ho data, after researching the web i found the way to receive data i had to put a apn app on phone thru the wireless on my iphone unlockitnow.nk, go data works great so far, can’t get mms yet need to do more research.

  9. I have a unlocked 3gs with a Straight Talk SIM card, but there is still no service. I have already activated the SIM says ago. Connecting to iTunes does not help either. Any ideas as to why?

    • Hi Christopher,

      Did you get an answer to this question? I have the same issue.

      • No, I am still trying to figure it out. I spent 16 hours trying to figure it out last friday and saturday with no luck.

      • I fixed mine. I had to “Erase all Content and Settings”. (I made sure to backup on iTunes first). Then once I was on the “Emergency Calls Only” screen, I put the SIM in and rebooted my iPhone. I have straighttalk service now (shows “HOME” in upper left) and it’s activated.

  10. How did you “Erase all Content and Settings”? Was that an option from the phone or in iTunes, or… When you say reboot, do you mean turning your phone off and then back on again?

    • Go to Settings > General > Reset > Erase All Content and Settings…it takes about an hour. (Remember to back up the iPhone on iTunes first if you have anything on it.) By reboot, I mean turn the phone off and turn it back on. That’s how I got mine to work. I know it’s frustrating; but now that it’s working, I’m happy.

  11. the 4s Iphone at walmart for 188.00, will this phone work with the St talk plan, also, you can still have email, text message on your phone, the data plan 45.00 keep me posted thanks

    • $188 is the price of the phone with a 2 year contract with a carrier. If you buy it then transfer to ST, you will have to pay a heft early termination fee. You either need to buy a used phone or realize you will actually be paying $600 for a new iPhone 4s (which is what the carrier pays … the reason you have to sign a 2 year contract for the subsidized price).

  12. I have a sprint iPhone 4 would it work with this kind of phone I bought the phone from sprint???

  13. oliver,says you must purchase the bundle to get sim for iphone4, but if im transfering my phone# and plan also transfer too,and i currently have a brand new $45 dollar plan,with unliniited on current phone,THAT WILL TRANSFER,SO I DONT NEED,TO BUY NEW CARD/$45 PLAN,CORRECT?

    • I think they will transfer your current $45 plan if you deactivate the phone that’s on now. Don’t be too sure that your number will transfer…they told me it would, promised me it would – but didn’t.
      Honestly, I would go to Straight Talk’s Facebook page and open up a support ticket and make an inquiry with them. Then you’ll know for sure and there won’t be any surprises.

  14. everything works good but i jsut cant sent pics .. so how can i fix this . im useing a iphone 3 .. i can send text but no pics .. any thing i can do to fix it ??

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